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How to fix Nautilus in Fedora 18

su -c ‘yum install nemo -y’ Each new Gnome release brings new surprises. And I don’t mean this in a good way. From obnoxious behavior like moving the Alt-Drag key to “Super”, to the super popular “Gnome fail whale” screen,

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A Taste of Cinnamon

Ever since Gnome 3 came out, I abandoned it. And for about a year or so, I stuck with KDE, occasionally giving Gnome 3 / 3.2 a try for a few days, but abandoning it for being just so weird

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Gnome User Survey

Phoronix recently hosted a near Gnome User Survey, which surprised me, given Gnome Developers’ general “We know what’s best, bug off” attitude. Then I read Bruce Byfield’s post on how Felipe Contreras suffered with Gnome Devs to help get the

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Quick Gnome 3.2 Writeup

I’ve been using KDE 4.7 for the past few months, since Gnome 3 and me really don’t get along. I decide to take 3.2 for a spin on my Fedora 16 computer, and found it to be more of the

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Time heals all wounds

I’ve written about KDE once or twice, but always from the point of view of a Gnome user. These past few months I’ve been using KDE, 4.6 on my personal laptop and 4.7 on the laptop at work. And I’ve

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Gnome 3′s fallback mode minimum panel size

I’ve been trying to shrink the Panel Size in Gnome 3 and it’s been driving me insane. Apparently the devs decided it would be hilarious to have the minimum size set dynamically based on your screen size and orientation. From

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Why Gnome 3′s Fallback mode sucks

This is waaaaaaaaaaay different from Why I’m sick and tired of Gnome Shell. Ask every Gnome user. Every Gnome release, developers take away features, while giving us a┬áproverbial carrot, but Gnome 3? They decided to just give us a stick.

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BlueBubble: What I learned

I had a lot of fun recompiling Gnome 2.32 for Fedora 15, and a lot of help too. Here’s a list of things I learned, in no particular order: fedpkg is the best thing ever. It grabs the specs, it

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BlueBubble + Applets

(If you’re reading this, I finished building and uploading the 32bit packages and the 64bit packages. I suggest you clean your yum cache (yum clean all) I spent the better part of the yesterday rpmbuilding a better future by rebuilding

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BlueBubble Errata

The repository was published yesterday, as well as “The Fine Manual“. I’ve updated TFM and the FAQ a few times throughout these days to clear things up and fix some typos I had, just thought I’d let you know. I’m

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