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Thanks for the Lessons, Fedora!

I had an unfortunate issue with grub yesterday on my Fedora 18 laptop at work. It refused to boot, leaving me with a “grub rescue>” terminal that I had no idea how to use (and with not a hint of

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I’m a Beefy Miracle!

Needless to say… Fedora 17 was released today! But in case you’ve already forgotten… A while ago, Larry wrote a kick-ass song to accompany the release… Let’s all sing together! I’m a beefy miracle! ready to…. run your machine!

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A badly gimped image speaks a bajillion words…. Fedora 18 – Spherical Cow

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Announcing: Fedora Retro

Some of us are just reluctant to change, and Fedora introduces a plethora of new, awesome features every 6 months, which forces us to either learn new features like SystemD, KDE4,¬† Gnome’s Hell Gnome 3 or go the way of

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Fedora 16 super-quick-mini-review

So I just distro-sync’d to Fedora 16 on my favorite laptop, my Dell Studio 15. This isn’t a review of the distro itself, just some notes of what I immediately noticed. For starters, I had been running KDE 4.7.2 packages

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A Haiku, Part Deux

By Mark Terranova. All hail it now, The Beefy Miracle rocks! Now meat your new God.

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A Haiku

Names are being chosen Vote for Beefy Miracle You won’t regret it.

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Sys Admin Day

The last Friday of July is Sys Admin Appreciation Day, and I can’t let this day pass without giving a shoutout to the people running the Fedora Servers. The Buildbots, the Mirrors, the Mailing Lists, the Wikis and every other

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Gnome 3′s fallback mode minimum panel size

I’ve been trying to shrink the Panel Size in Gnome 3 and it’s been driving me insane. Apparently the devs decided it would be hilarious to have the minimum size set dynamically based on your screen size and orientation. From

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Why Gnome 3′s Fallback mode sucks

This is waaaaaaaaaaay different from Why I’m sick and tired of Gnome Shell. Ask every Gnome user. Every Gnome release, developers take away features, while giving us a¬†proverbial carrot, but Gnome 3? They decided to just give us a stick.

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