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How to fix Nautilus in Fedora 18

su -c ‘yum install nemo -y’ Each new Gnome release brings new surprises. And I don’t mean this in a good way. From obnoxious behavior like moving the Alt-Drag key to “Super”, to the super popular “Gnome fail whale” screen,

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Thanks for the Lessons, Fedora!

I had an unfortunate issue with grub yesterday on my Fedora 18 laptop at work. It refused to boot, leaving me with a “grub rescue>” terminal that I had no idea how to use (and with not a hint of

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Why Steam on Linux makes sense *now*

It’s all over the news. Steam for Linux is real and not another cruel April Fools prank. The gamer inside me is extremely excited about this, and after re-reading Phoronix’ article a dozen times, about how Gabe Newell is now

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Git + GitHub Appreciation

I’ve been using Github for quite a while, but yesterday I actually learned how to use it. See… I’ve been working on a Patch for CyanogenMod 9 that will add several features to the Phone App. Features I really like

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Why We (A)GPL’d PokeNet

There’s an awful lot of Free Software Licenses. Some, more permissive than others, and choosing the right license depends on what sort of project you’re working on. I’d like to explain why we used the (A)GPL license for PokeNet, and

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What I’m thankful

It’s Thanksgiving day in USA, and while I don’t get the day off, I did want to write down a couple of things I’m thankful. The Fedora Project. I run Fedora 16 on my laptop at home and at work,

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Gnome User Survey

Phoronix recently hosted a near Gnome User Survey, which surprised me, given Gnome Developers’ general “We know what’s best, bug off” attitude. Then I read Bruce Byfield’s post on how Felipe Contreras suffered with Gnome Devs to help get the

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Lemme start by saying that I’m a bit in the dark when it comes to the whole #OccupyCity situation. I understand there’s an awful lot of people in the streets complaining about the Market, but besides proving they can go

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I’d buy that for a dollar

Larry wrote this “Time to Fork the FSF” blogpost a few days ago and it reminded me on why I stopped contributing (economically) to the Free Software Foundation. You see, I feel their efforts are misguided, in particular, their “Defective

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Quick Gnome 3.2 Writeup

I’ve been using KDE 4.7 for the past few months, since Gnome 3 and me really don’t get along. I decide to take 3.2 for a spin on my Fedora 16 computer, and found it to be more of the

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