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Fedora 16 super-quick-mini-review

So I just distro-sync’d to Fedora 16 on my favorite laptop, my Dell Studio 15. This isn’t a review of the distro itself, just some notes of what I immediately noticed. For starters, I had been running KDE 4.7.2 packages

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A Haiku, Part Deux

By Mark Terranova. All hail it now, The Beefy Miracle rocks! Now meat your new God.

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A Haiku

Names are being chosen Vote for Beefy Miracle You won’t regret it.

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Tweeting from LibreOffice

I recently gave a talk at the UDEM about How Free Software Can Pay for Itself (Thanks for the title, Andre!), and a wild idea I had was to have each slide Tweet automatically a link to the slide and

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Time heals all wounds

I’ve written about KDE once or twice, but always from the point of view of a Gnome user. These past few months I’ve been using KDE, 4.6 on my personal laptop and 4.7 on the laptop at work. And I’ve

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Broadcom, Dell, Linux 3.0

The Linux 3.0 kernel was recently released, and it’s been ported to Fedora 15 under the disguise of kernel 2.6.40. Sadly, this means I can’t use my damned Wifi chipset because Dell decided to stick a Broadcom on my Laptop

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Sys Admin Day

The last Friday of July is Sys Admin Appreciation Day, and I can’t let this day pass without giving a shoutout to the people running the Fedora Servers. The Buildbots, the Mirrors, the Mailing Lists, the Wikis and every other

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Starting the Google Detox – RSSLounge

Everyone that knows me knows I’m a hardcore Google fan and enthusiast despite having been stung by them once, but with their recent launch of Google+ and all the news I keep hearing about how the faceless company keeps closing

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KDE Dolphin’s Service Menus

While it is well known that I’m a huge Gnome (classic) fan, I recently dipped into KDE grounds, again. Because Dropbox continues to ignore the Dolphin File Manager, I decided to give SparkleShare a try, and following Mairin‘s most excellent

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Gnome 3′s fallback mode minimum panel size

I’ve been trying to shrink the Panel Size in Gnome 3 and it’s been driving me insane. Apparently the devs decided it would be hilarious to have the minimum size set dynamically based on your screen size and orientation. From

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