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Cloud Guidance

Dear LazyWeb Cloud Experts, I’ve been hosting my site for quite a while, paying a ‘flat fee per month’ ($30 USD) for Unlimited Bandwidth and around 1GB of RAM, however I keep hearing stories about how “Cloud Hosting” would be

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How to fix Nautilus in Fedora 18

su -c ‘yum install nemo -y’ Each new Gnome release brings new surprises. And I don’t mean this in a good way. From obnoxious behavior like moving the Alt-Drag key to “Super”, to the super popular “Gnome fail whale” screen,

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A SysAdmin Prayer

A friend of mine, Franco, wrote a small SysAdmin prayer in Spanish (A parody of sorts of the ‘Our Father’ prayer). I thought it was hilarious and decided to give it a shot at an English translation, so here it

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Thanks for the Lessons, Fedora!

I had an unfortunate issue with grub yesterday on my Fedora 18 laptop at work. It refused to boot, leaving me with a “grub rescue>” terminal that I had no idea how to use (and with not a hint of

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I’m a Beefy Miracle!

Needless to say… Fedora 17 was released today! But in case you’ve already forgotten… A while ago, Larry wrote a kick-ass song to accompany the release… Let’s all sing together! I’m a beefy miracle! ready to…. run your machine!

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Download the Creative Suite 6!

I had a friend post one of them Facebook Statuses bragging that he was downloading the “Creative Suite 6″. I decided to share the Creative Suite 6 for everyone that’s interested: GIMP.  Windows, Mac, Linux Inkscape. Windows, Mac, Linux Blender.

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A badly gimped image speaks a bajillion words…. Fedora 18 – Spherical Cow

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Announcing: Fedora Retro

Some of us are just reluctant to change, and Fedora introduces a plethora of new, awesome features every 6 months, which forces us to either learn new features like SystemD, KDE4,  Gnome’s Hell Gnome 3 or go the way of

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A Taste of Cinnamon

Ever since Gnome 3 came out, I abandoned it. And for about a year or so, I stuck with KDE, occasionally giving Gnome 3 / 3.2 a try for a few days, but abandoning it for being just so weird

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What I’m thankful

It’s Thanksgiving day in USA, and while I don’t get the day off, I did want to write down a couple of things I’m thankful. The Fedora Project. I run Fedora 16 on my laptop at home and at work,

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