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Dear LazyWeb Cloud Experts,

I’ve been hosting my site for quite a while, paying a ‘flat fee per month’ ($30 USD) for Unlimited Bandwidth and around 1GB of RAM, however I keep hearing stories about how “Cloud Hosting” would be a lot cheaper for me if and when I decide to switch.

I’ve never used Rackspace or AWS because I’m afraid that their “Cost-per-hour”, however small, might byte me if one day I get hit by a DDOS or something.

The question I have is.. Is there any sort of tool(s) I could use to check how much CPU / RAM / Bandwidth I’m actually using on my server per month, so that I could get a real quote as to what to expect if and when I actually switch to one of these “cloud servers”? I mostly just use this blog, though I do have a Gallery instance, and couple of other blogs hosted on this site. They’re all pretty “low traffic” though.

Also, is there a host that lets me host a server and add an actual spending limit per month, to prevent having unexpectedly high bills, as in some horror stories I’ve read?

Thanks a ton,
-Confused Clour Reader

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  1. sten says:

    Amazon S3 doesn’t have a per-hour cost (EC2 does, that’s their VPS-like system, hence the confusion). S3 does cost per MB (well, they say GB) transferred.

    You can host your website on Amazon S3- take a look at mine. I manage my site content in Git, and I have a simple post-update hook that regenerates the content with Pelican and then syncs it to Amazon S3 with s3cmd. The caveat is, the site has to be static. Pelican includes configurations to integrate e.g. disqus comments. I’m currently using the free Openshift service to host Piwik which tracks my website hits dynamically. Openshift is also a great, free option if you’re looking for basic dynamic site hosting.

    I’m currently storing about 63GB on S3 (my website, a big unorganized pile of photos, backups for several machines via duplicity or GNOME Backup), and my costs run about $7/mo.

    • Nushio says:

      That’s pretty damned amazing and it’s something I’ll have to look into one of these days but for now, I’d like to remain hosting with WordPress. (Though the option of hosting WordPress in my laptop and spitting out HTML files is tantalizing…)

      I like your site btw, it looks pretty good.

  2. mbooth says:

    I am also using OpenShift for some basic dynamic web app hosting. It’s really excellent for a free service (and it is open source and making its way into Fedora as we speak).

    It has WordPress and Drupal pre-built application cartidges or you can build your own application on a generic cartridge supporting your favourite platform.

    As a taste, here is a list of example applications you can get started with quickly:

  3. Renich says:

    Hey, man. Already commented with you about this but, there is also another option. Check this out:

    It’s just me and my friends in a community-managed server. It has Fedora 18 for now.

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