How to fix Nautilus in Fedora 18

su -c ‘yum install nemo -y’

Each new Gnome release brings new surprises. And I don’t mean this in a good way. From obnoxious behavior like moving the Alt-Drag key to “Super”, to the super popular “Gnome fail whale” screen, and even the brand new “I want to be touched” lock screen which is just confusing, and annoying after the first time you use it (I’ve had friends tell me the computer froze because they couldn’t figure out they had to drag the lockscreen up).

I am not a Gnome user. I’ve switched to¬†Cinnamon since it was first released, however Cinnamon relies on many Gnome components done right by forking Gnome code and putting some thought and flavor into it. Their latest fork comes from Nautilus and is named Nemo (As in, Nautilus’ Captain, hah). Nautilus 3.6 made the side-bar ugly, hid a bunch of options like sorting folders under the “down arrow” button and changed the default search behavior. Nemo brings back the old Nautilus before these bizarre changes.

In Nemo, You can right-click to sort the current folder without going through several layers of obscure menus. Nemo offers a lot more configuration options (compared to Nautilus), and to top it off, Nemo behaves exactly like you’re used to. No new weird behavior! (As a bonus, Nemo doesn’t require Tracker to be installed :-) )

You can install both at the same time, try them out, and when you’re ready, just set your default File Manager to Nemo. In my case, I completely removed Nautilus, as I don’t think it’s idea of a file manager matches what I need from a File Manager.

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20 comments on “How to fix Nautilus in Fedora 18
  1. Ryan Lerch says:

    Also, this question on askfedora also lists a few different ways to set nemo as the default file browser in fedora 18/GNOME3

    • Nushio says:

      Thanks Ryan! I simply removed Nautilus and let Fedora sort itself but that’s certainly an option for those that want to keep both until they decide which one to stick with.

  2. “In Nemo, You can right-click to sort the current folder without going through several layers of obscure menus.”

    In Nemo you have to go through layers of menus to sort the folder. In new Nautilus you click the down arrow next to the cog in the top right corner and that’s it.

    • Nushio says:

      So the option is still there? Wow. What a way to hide stuff :P

      I had to go through the cog-> Properties-> Default View just to change the sort behavior… Why not enable BOTH at the same time? I know that Gnome wants to be “Tablet friendly” but currently NO tablets run Gnome, so why not allow right clicking behavior to be normal, as expected? :-/

      • robert says:

        No need to go to settings, it is there on the down arrow on the toolbar, 1) down arrow 2) select ordering option, two clicks, the same with the old ui, I call needing to use a right menu more hidden that selecting the down arrow, pop up menus are not visible until the user know that options exist.

        The worse UI metaphor for new users is the hidden pop menu, for a reason those options where always duplicated on the standard menu bar in order to show people they exist, if everything is hidden on popup menus, people new to an applications should start right clicking everywhere to discover features not visible by default, the down arrow is visible by default

  3. robmvert says:

    You don’t need to drag the lock screen window, ESC key removes the blue layer. I didn’t find that difficult to find, but I will love to make this behavior works for any key, currently the blue layer only moves, it should go to the password field with any key

  4. Diogo Campos says:

    You don’t have to drag the “lock screen” up, simply press ESC (or ENTER).

  5. Martin says:

    “Gnome components done right by forking Gnome code and putting some thought and flavor into it.”

    How often do you actually zoom through this menu or arrange items? I, personally, do this never or once (in the beginning) and therefore I don’t see a point to put these options into a heavily used menu. I prefer the simplified menu since these options were only moved.

    What I don’t like about the new nautilus is the missing ‘New Document’ option if the Templates folder is empty. But since any template fixes this I won’t complain.

    • Nushio says:

      Zoom? Only when browsing Pictures folders, but rearrange? All the time. My Downloads folder is a mess, sometimes I need to sort by FileType, sometimes by File Name and sometimes by Modified Date.

  6. Andy says:

    I have already switched to nemo before I saw this blog post. For me the main issues with the “new” nautilus are:-
    – Sorting – how the hell do I sort into alphabetical order with folders first followed by files. I find this intermingling of files and folders counter-intuitive.
    – Removal of the split screen function under F3. This was invaluable for me. Its removal was a show stopper for me.
    Nemo bringing these features back was enough to remove nautilus completely from my system.

  7. kabamaru says:

    Wow, I didn’t know you were supposed to drag the lockscreen up. I was clicking here and there, nothing was happening, then I pressed spacebar and the screen bounced, then I hit Return and I could finally enter my password. The thing is, I saw the animated arrows thingy, but it didn’t make much sense on a 24″ screen. Dragging screens is more natural on a touch device e.g. tablet/smartphone.

    Also, there’s a new feature now, where you must create a second user account to be able to logout. Fortunately, there is a visible power-off now, so I hope logout comes back too.

  8. Samuel Sieb says:

    Changing from ALT to Super for moving windows is a wonderful change. Now programs (like GIMP) that use ALT mouse commands work again.

  9. fmancardi says:

    I’m a long time linux user, and was very happy with my Fedora 14. Because my laptop was 32bit, I’ve got a new 64bit laptop and installed Fedora 18.
    I’m not able to understand why things like connecting a windows share was intuitive with Nautilus on Gnome2 has changed in this horrible way. I’ve searched at least 1 hour trying to understand how to mount the search, till I’ve found a good description but … I’m not able to got the menu on my Nautilus!!! and I was not able to find how.
    Good to have hit this article => more software to install as usual

    Thanks for your help

  10. dutchman says:

    Thank you! All is right with the world again :-)

    I’m one of the few people who would really like to see Gnome 3 work. The problem is they just keep shooting themselves in the foot. I think they are trying to follow Microsoft’s example *too* much. The difference is MS is a monopoly and its users will eventually be forced to comply. We just have to find workarounds like this and hope the Gnome team eventually sees the light.. I’m still hopeful!

  11. wildsparc says:

    Just want to say I am glad I found this article. Nemo is so much better. How could the F3 option be made obsolete. The minimalistic view of having less options can be good for new users, but if there are options, I want to have them. And figure out how they can be useful. I really cannot understand why Nautilus has removed so much of the handy stuff. So bye bye Nautilus and welcome Nemo.

  12. Leddy says:

    Completely agree with this blog, what a disappointment nautilus is in fc18. Thanks for the info

  13. Backspace to move up the tree doesn’t work. Any ideas?

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