A SysAdmin Prayer

A friend of mine, Franco, wrote a small SysAdmin prayer in Spanish (A parody of sorts of the ‘Our Father’ prayer). I thought it was hilarious and decided to give it a shot at an English translation, so here it is:

“Our Server, who art in Clouds,
Fully Qualified be your hostname,
Thy login prompt come,
Thy domain be resolved, locally and remotely

Give us this day our daily resource allocations,
and forget our error logs,
as we forgive you for the downtimes
And lead us not into hosts.deny
but deliver us from DDOS.”

Update: I didn’t claim I was the first one to come up with this, I simply hadn’t heard of it before.

Here’s the original one in Spanish, by Franco Castro: (I changed a couple of things as you can see)

NIM nuestro que estas en el site
Fully Qualified sea tu hostname
venga a nosotros tu conexion
hagase tu dominio, asi en el site como en la subnet
danos hoy nuestro ‘resource allocation’
borra nuestros logs asi como nosotros ignoramos los downtimes
no nos metas a hosts.deny
y libranos de los n00bs.

En mi opinión, yo lo cambiaría a:

Server nuestro que estas en la nube
Fully Qualified sea tu hostname
Venga a nosotros tu prompt de login
Resuelvase tu dominio, en localhost y de manera remota
Danos hoy nuestros recursos de cada día
Perdona nuestros logs de error asi como nosotros perdonamos los downtimes
No nos metas a hosts.deny
y libranos de los DDOS


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9 comments on “A SysAdmin Prayer
  1. Dave Ritz says:

    Hey that was pretty clever!

  2. yn1v says:

    I would love to see the original in Spanish

  3. Kind of blasphemous, don’t you think?

  4. deamon says:

    Geeky……. :)

  5. tejas says:

    I am going to sing it every morning.

  6. Solo2101 says:

    so… where is the link to the one in Spanish?

  7. Yury D says:

    These have been flying around for decades.

    “Our OS, who art in CPU,
    UNIX be thy name.
    Thy programs run,
    Thy syscalls done,
    In Kernel,
    As it is in User.”

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