[LPC] Game Review: Trouble in Libreland

I’ve been reviewing Liberated Pixel Cup Games. This is one of the 48 Games.

Disclaimer: I’m competing in the cup too! I am not a judge!

Trouble in Libreland [Download me] [Sourceforge Repository]

This is a Single Player Tactical RPG / Real Time Strategy game. Man, it is impressive. There’s documentation, there’s tools that let you make your own maps and edit characters, and they provided both Linux and Windows binaries so you can run it easily. I couldn’t compile the game, as once again, C++11 (Fedora 17′s default) has made compiling a bit harder than it should (Thanks a lot C++11 devs! ¬¬). Instead, I used the trinlib binary which was built on Fedora 16.The latest svn copy fixed an awful lot of compiling issues, but I still couldn’t build it.

This game is powered by the Gorgon Game Engine, which is also made by the Trouble in Libreland devs. Once you start the game, you’re asked which campaign you’d like to play. I selected “Trouble In Libreland”, which features some sort of an immortal being, who is also the Mayor of Libreland, tasked with assiging each citizen’s duty as well as improving the town by creating new buildings.

The game features a moving clock that helps you get money (by taxing the citizens). You can adjust the time and tax & though a settings option. There’s no tutorial inside the game, but a bunch of friendly txts are provided with the game which I recommend giving a hard read.

To start the game, you should click on the building icon (Hammer thingie on the top right) and build some housing. It can be a barrack, house or tent, what matters is that you make room for your soldiers. Each one has different costs, and provides different space for your recruited soldiers and artisans.You also need to build some tools, like anvils, forges, and even rack space to hold the finished weapons and armor.

Females can’t be recruited for war, but they’re excellent artisans that you can use to make swords and suits (Provided you have both the gold and the tools to make said items). The Artisans can be ordered to craft different weapons and armor based on their profession.

Men can be recruited, but in order to attack the enemies, they must be holding weapons. Once recruited, click on Inventory, and select the weapon or armor you’d like to equip. Be careful with the “None” option, as it crashes the game, and without a save feature, you must restart the game. You’ll notice that once they start equipping weapons and armor, that they’ll actually display the current armor equipped. To move your character, just right click to where you’d like the selected character to move.

As the game advances, you’ll notice that the fog of war increases and decreases as the sun goes up and down. Yes, this game features day/night cycles, as well as fog of war. You’ll also spot some “dens” where enemies spawn, so after you’ve sufficiently equipped a small army, move down and take them out. Combat is handled automatically, just move your citizens nearby the enemies, they’ll spot the enemies and attack them, so there’s no need to micro-manage each unit.

I would’ve loved to play more of this game, however I kept on crashing the game through that Inventory “None” bug I mentioned and had to continuously restart. Despite that, I think this game is superb and that you should really check it out. It takes a bit getting used to the unique RTS/Tactical RPG style, but it’s very well executed and polished. I’m looking forward to finding out more about this game and will definitely revisit it once the inventory bug is fixed.

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