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Why Steam on Linux makes sense *now*

It’s all over the news. Steam for Linux is real and not another cruel April Fools prank. The gamer inside me is extremely excited about this, and after re-reading Phoronix’ article a dozen times, about how Gabe Newell is now

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A badly gimped image speaks a bajillion words…. Fedora 18 – Spherical Cow

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So you want to make a game?

I know all I’ve been writing about recently is about the Liberated Pixel Cup but I’m really, really excited for the contest. This’ll all be over soon. While I’ll be writing specifically about the LPC, these tips should be useful

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[Concept] A Libre Gamer Network

With the Liberated Pixel Cup coming soon, I’ve begun brainstorming the kinds of features that I’d like my game to have… One thing led to another, and I begun brainstorming about making a system similar to Microsoft’s “Achievements” or Sony’s

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Liberated Pixel Cup

I haven’t been so excited about a Contest since my first Science Fair back in Elementary School… The Free Software Foundation, Creative Commons and Open Game Art have announced…. The Liberated Pixel Cup! The contest itself is divided in Two

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Git + GitHub Appreciation

I’ve been using Github for quite a while, but yesterday I actually learned how to use it. See… I’ve been working on a Patch for CyanogenMod 9 that will add several features to the Phone App. Features I really like

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Website (probably) offline for the weekend

Update: Use for everything. is currently suspended, I’m still trying to get them to renew. Second Update: I managed to renew both domains. Apparently, since I paid 2 domains in 2 separate payments, their payments system screwed up.

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Announcing: Fedora Retro

Some of us are just reluctant to change, and Fedora introduces a plethora of new, awesome features every 6 months, which forces us to either learn new features like SystemD, KDE4,  Gnome’s Hell Gnome 3 or go the way of

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