BlueBubble FAQ

It’s Q&A Time!

Q: What exactly is BlueBubble?
A: It’s an effort to bring back the Gnome 2.32 desktop in Fedora 15, or as Hannah would put it.. “The best of both worlds”.

Q: What does the logo represent?
A: It’s a parody on Fedora’s kick-ass logo. Instead of representing Infinity, Freedom and Voice, it represents equality, as in “We want things to stay the same“. Have you seen the video?

Q: Why did you do this?
A: Gnome 3 just isn’t *there* yet. The fallback mode is horrible, and the Shell itself needs a metric ton of extensions to become usable. In my humble opinion.

Q: Haven’t you heard about XFCE, LXDE or KDE?
A: Yes, I have.

Q: But?
A: Gnome is where the heart is.

Q: What is the target audience?
A: The same people who miss the Coke “Classic”, are afraid of change and/or suffer from Freemanic Paracusia.

Q: What architectures are supported?
A:i686 / x86_64. No ARM / PPC packages are planned.

Q: How’d you do it?
A: I actually wrote a song about it. Packagers might complain that the build order is wrong, but I had to sacrifice reality to make the lyrics sorta match.

Q: Where does Fedora stand in all of this?
A: I don’t know. I haven’t asked the board. This project is not endorsed or sponsored by Fedora or Red Hat in any way, shape or form.
Yes, I’m a Fedora ambassador, contributor and user, but this does not represent Fedora’s goals and ideals. The packages are not hosted on any Fedora domains.

Q: Alright, you’re convincing me…. What’s the catch?
A: You’ll have yum-conflicts for life! (Or for however long you decide to stay on BlueBubble)
A2: To clarify, you’ll only have yum-conflicts on the files you installed. You can’t have Nautilus and Nautilus-Classic at once. Duh.

Q: Did you know that Gnome 2.32 will no longer be supported?

A: Lies! Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 comes with Gnome 2.30, I think, (And I’m later versions will update it to 2.32, but not to 3.0. It’s not their style) This means that it will be supported until the Mayans destroy the Earth or I grow sick and tired of Gnome 2.32, whichever happens first, which means there’ll be no new features, but there will be bugfixes.

Q: Alright, how do I get it?
A: It’s finally available, however this isn’t your average REPO, I suggest you RTFM.

Q: Can I mix and match Gnome 3 apps with Gnome 2 apps?
A: Yes. Your milage may vary, but I managed to run the 3.0 versions of Evince, Cheese and Brasero on Gnome 2.32 without any problems.

Q: Will you make a LiveCD or DVD?
A: Yes, I’m still working on some minor details (Wallpaper and Plymouth, for starters), but they’ll be available *after* the repo.

Q: Surely everything’s unstable?
A: No. I’ve been “Eating my own dog food” for these past few weeks, running nothing but my RPMs. Other than the few things I’ll mention below, everything’s been buttery-smooth. And my name is not Shirley.

Q: Okay, Bugs and Issues you’ve found so far?
A: Here’s the list:

  • gnome-display-properties thing is completely broken. You can’t use an external screen for now, unless you use xrandr.
  • GDM looks ugly, so use KDM instead. (This is due to GTK Themes / GTK 3 themes not matching)
  • A lot of applets are missing. PyGTK2 obsoleted them.Applets are back! Installing them is as easy as yum install gnome-applets.
  • Obviously, trying to install certain gnome-centric gtk3 apps will fail and come up with all sorts of conflicts. I’ll provide “classic” version of conflicting packages. Yeah, using old versions instead of newer ones is kinda lame, but c’est la vie.
  • Rhythmbox’s notification status icon is gone. Bummer.
  • Some apps have a blue scrollbar, some apps have a white scrollbar. It depends if you’re running gtk2 or gtk3 apps.
  • Sometimes you get a black screen when you turn on the computer. Just press Ctrl-Alt-F2 then Ctrl-Alt-F1. Suggestions on how to debug are welcome. This isn’t a BlueBubble issue afaik, it could be Fedora 15 or Intel’s fault somehow, as I’m using KDM.
  • Sometimes you look at the screen and just have a strange sense of nostalgia. Then you realize its artificial. You can’t miss Gnome 2.32 if it isn’t gone.

Q: Did you know Evolution is missing?
A: You say ‘missing’. I say ugly. Use Thunderbird instead.

Q: How do I stop GTK 3 apps from looking ugly?
A: Contact whoever made the old GTK 2 themes and ask them to port it to GTK3. Adwaita is just horrible.
In all seriousness, go to System-> Preferences -> Apperance. Click on Customize, and under the ‘Controls’ tab, click on Adwaita. You can choose any window border, but until there are other themes that provide both gtk2 *and* gtk3 files, we’re stuck with ugly.

Q: You’re insane, you know that?
A: Indeed.

Q: I have a package request and/or something’s broken!
A: Well you’re in luck, I just added a Bug Report page to my blog.  (WordPress as a Bug Tracker? Did I mention I’m insane?)

Q: I have a question, where can I ask?
A: Drop me a comment below, tweet in my general direction or just mail to bluebubble at

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15 comments on “BlueBubble FAQ
  1. “Gnome 3 just isn’t *there* yet. The fallback mode is horrible, and the Shell itself needs a metric ton of extensions to become usable.”

    Nice way to put it, much more P.C. than what I think of it.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it was a “step backwards”. (More like 4 steps back).

    Thank you for doing this!!!!

  2. Béranger says:

    GNOME3 is never going to be anywhere. Such disruptive usability changes that totally broke the known metaphor is the supreme proof that the arrogance of the GNOME3 developers totally surpassed that of KDE Plasma’s aseigo.

  3. jmt says:

    The GNOME3 Activities metaphor somehow reminds me of Windows 3.x and Program Manager.

    • Béranger says:

      No, no, no, Windows 3.x was much better, it had minimized icons on the desktop. And Program Manager’s groups reminds me of the iPad icons (Android’s too) aligned in rows and columns.

  4. Hi Juan,good work and nice to here that you will release it on Monday. :)

  5. Jouk says:

    Would love to try bluebubble. After 2 weeks trying GNOME3 is frustrating me more every day: Switching workspaces, for me the most frequent action, now takes several mouse clicks instead of one.

    I wonder if a NVidia-card is installed an external display can be used by configuring it in Twin-view mode. I think as far as GNOME can see it is just one big screen.

  6. nonanonymous says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.Thank you. Thank you. Really.

  7. Kurt says:

    I was about to abandon Fedora (because of Gnome 3) after using every version of Fedora since 1.0, and Redhat Linux before that since version 4.1. Maybe I’ll stick around a bit longer and try this bluebubble out. Thanks for doing this, and I hope you can generate a community around your efforts.


    • John Morris says:

      Abandoning Fedora won’t help. Ubuntu has a similar tablet themed desktop (Unity) now and is planning on removing “Classic” in their next release. Debian tracks upstream so when they do another release it will be GNOME3. SUSE wull pick up GNOME3 pretty quick, etc. Switching distros doesn’t solve the problem. The problem is the Gnomes went mad. This Bluebubble concept is the first sign of hope, perhaps it can catch fire and become a full fork of GNOME2 and either become an option on most distros or just replace the failed GNOME3 as the new upstream.

    • Moreton Drax says:

      Followed the same path as Kurt, started at rh 4.0
      Thank you very, very much for this effort
      Shall stay close

  8. Chris Kotting says:

    After running Gnome 3 for about 2 weeks, I’m finding that it isn’t as terrible as I had at first thought. Yes, it breaks the paradigm, but, unlike the M$ Awful (Office) ribbon, for me it actually is faster and easier once I got accustomed to it.

    The worst problem (for me, anyway) is that the stuff that makes it easier isn’t well documented, or wasn’t at first. The documentation is still catching up. Am I completely sold? No, but I’m sold enough to give this a go for a while longer.

  9. Tomas says:

    Mostall distros don’t include driver modules for the latest USB cellular modems, Fedora does, as Ubuntu also. I’m posting this running Kubuntu 10.10 without a 3D card like GNOME 3 Fed15 insists on cos my 6yr old onboard graphics hardware is still acceptably fast. Tried LXDE Fed15 and Xfce Fed15 but my USB modems don’t work! Still have 2 use Fed14. Got no Cu pipeline into the Net swamp so hafta connect wirelessly!

  10. Darth_Revan says:

    Did you heard about Mate Desktop Environment – other GNOME2 fork?

    • Nushio says:

      Yeah, though mine’s not really a fork, It’s just a collection of packages, mostly unpatched and keeping the same name and sources as the 2.32 versions.

      I’ll get in touch with Mate and see how I can help them.

  11. iamdead says:

    :shock: help!!!! I can’t find shutdown button on my desktop. :lol: need gnome 2 environment fast!!!! :mrgreen:

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