BlueBubble Teaser Video

So, Paulo Cereda made this awesome “Teaser Video” for Project BlueBubble I thought it was too fun to pass. Enjoy!

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2 comments on “BlueBubble Teaser Video
  1. nicu says:

    i am not a marketing person, but i know a marketing person will criticise the teaser for its negative tone: it starts with “for those who dislike”, potentially painting your spin as targeted at haters. they will argue some people will hear G3, remember only that and usee it (the “there is no such thing as bad publicity” saying).

    the other approach would be to talk about BlueBubble and use positive terms: is for those who love stability, like a familiar environment, enjoy a lean desktop, want to get their job done, know and want to use their computer at its full capacity.

    but as said, i am not a marketing person, i can openly say “if you want to suck Jon Mccann’s dick, go use gnome 3 with gnome shell. if you have at lest half a neuron still working, then BlueBubble is better for you.”

    • Nushio says:

      Eh, I guess you’re right. I didn’t make the video, Paulo did. I linked to it because I thought the final animation funny, but didn’t actually pay attention or wonder about the implications of the words on it.

      There are a lot that don’t like (or like Larry’s case, can’t use) the current state of Gnome 3 and have migrated to Xfce or other GUIs, and I’m sure that its clear that this aims to bring 2.32 into F15.

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