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I’m fairly certain Red Hat Legal has my contact data.

In case you missed it, I’m working on this little project I call “bluebubble“, which will bring Gnome 2.32 to Fedora 15 (And perhaps, Fedora 16 too).

In case it wasn’t obvious, the Logo is some sort of a parody of the awesome Fedora Logo. I decided that the logo should represent not Infinity, Freedom and Voice, but just Equals, as in “We DON’T want things to change” (At least not for a while). It was made by the awesome Paulo Cereda.

In case you’re wondering, I can’t call this “Remix” Fedora, because I’d have to go through Fedora’s packaging process which is time consuming and I don’t believe it would match Fedora’s image of staying on the “Bleeding Edge”.

I only intend to package as little as possible, too. I found out that packages like Cheese 3.0 and Gedit 3.0 work perfectly well on a Gnome 2.32, but I’m still going to provide “gedit-classic” (and more) for those who want to stick to old, dusty packages.

I’ve received a lot of feedback already, I’m glad I’m not the only one interested in this. Like I said before, I intend to maintain this for at least Fedora 15 and if Gnome 3.2 isn’t the promised land, Fedora 16 too. If Gnome 3.4 isn’t what you’re looking for, you best start looking elsewhere. I won’t keep this up eternally.

Finally, a request. If you really like what I’m doing, please Support Gnome. They’re the ones that have been doing all the hard work, not me.

I will embrace the future, once it reaches feature parity with the past.


Update: For an alternative logo, click here. Also made by Paulo Cereda.

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One comment on “Project BlueBubble’s Logo
  1. Regnor says:

    Sounds like a great project!
    I was afraid that after years of using (and fighting for) Gnome I had to finally give up and switch to a different desktop; Xfce is allready installed on my machine.
    Gnome3 just isn’t something for me. I want to work fast and efficent, and I definitely don’t need an innovative and good looking UI. I mean this is a desktop and not some smartphone or tablet which we’re using here.

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