Fedora: Rally for Sanity

The one sign to rule them all?

If you’ve been living ‘outside’ Planet Fedora, or don’t pay much attention to it, there’s been a huge discussion that has divided Fedorians in two camps:

Those that want Fedora for ‘Power Users’ and Those that want Fedora for All.

A lot of very nasty insults and jabs have been made, mostly from the first side to the second one, and it needs to stop.

If there’s one rule that Fedora actively enforces its:

Be Excellent to each other.

If you can’t say for sure you’ve been ‘excellent’ towards other Fedora contributors, perhaps its time to take a day off and rethink why you’re contributing at all.

During FUDCon Tempe, Jared Smith (The Fedora Project Leader) said during his speech

We’re not building a bigger distro. We’re building a better distro.

A better distro. It doesn’t matter if my dad uses it, or if girl scouts use it, or if Torvalds uses it.
Why do we have to limit ourselves to some small segment of people? Why should we fit inside some ‘Target Audience‘?

It’s time we all rallied under a single banner:


The mustard represents progress

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6 comments on “Fedora: Rally for Sanity
  1. “Those that want Fedora for ‘Power Users’”

    Not “for power users” but “for people willing to learn”, as opposed to perpetual noobs.

    “Why should we fit inside some ‘Target Audience‘?”

    Because if you try to be everything for everybody, you’ll end up not being anything for anybody.

    That said, I agree that name-calling is not the solution here. Surely a peaceful resolution is possible?

    • I’ve got a couple of friends that use Fedora. One of them’s studying to be a doctor. I highly doubt he’ll contribute *anything* back to Fedora. Should I have told him to use another distro?

      If you want a distro that’s only for contributors, that’s what you’re implying. It’s quite possible to have a distro that’s “usable for all”, and in fact, that already happens.

      Lets compare Ubuntu and Fedora for a minute:
      Both ship a Linux Kernel.
      Both ship the latest Gnome.
      Both ship Open Office
      Both ship Firefox.

      If we’re shipping the same software*, how exactly are we not catering to the same people?

      *I know there are differences in defaults and non upstream patches, but I still think the point’s valid.

      • nicu says:

        If the doctor wants things like Flash or mp3 working out of the box, he had to either learn or use another distro, this is a reality.

        There is no distro “usable for all”, if you refer to Ubuntu as that, look at how many derivatives it has.

        And comparing Ubuntu and Fedora, look at how much they start to diverge, it will culminate with the Unity-Shell separation.

        • Funny, installing things like Flash or MP3 are a quick Google search away and its so easy, my 14 year old brother does it.

          I know about the Unity-Shell separation… Except for Unity, the main packages* both Ubuntu and Fedora ship are ‘made by someone else’, which is why their target audience is the same.

          I have a feeling that those that want “their distro back” are simply upset that Gnome devs have been taking away configuration options. If that’s the case, piss on Gnome, not Fedora.

          *By ‘main packages’ i mean the kernel, the office package, the web browser, etc.

        • Máirín says:

          mp3 patents will expire, flash is dying HTML5 will kill it. in a few years that wont really matter

  2. threethirty says:

    all of the rhetorical badgering back and forth is getting seriously out of hand. Parts of the Fedora community are mirroring political discourse in American politics. And just like with American politics I am totally apathetic to the whole situation. You all can piss, moan, and fight all you want but at the end of the day we need to release something, market that something, and give that something to a whole heap of people.

    Why don’t we all take a step back, take a deep breath, and decide to be excellent to each other regardless of what “faction” of the community you are now calling home.

    – Justin “threethirty” O’Brien
    Member of the Apathetic, Apolitical Fedora Contributors Union
    “Contributors and Users Unite, or not, whatever, OOOooo look a hotdog”

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