Try CyanogenMod 7 on the Android Emulator

Update: I’ve updated the emulator image. The instructions are exactly the same, but you get newer goodies.

Disclaimer: I am not allowed to call this image “CyanogenMod” and this does not represent the project’s quality. This is only a kang.
As of this writing, CM7 has yet to hit “alpha” status. However, the following images were compiled using CM7′s Source.

Android Devs and Android Phone Modders should like this. A couple of days ago, Cyanogen added some code that allows us to build emulator images.

I decided to try it out and it works!

So, I decided to create a User Repository you can import.

To install, simply run the Android AVD Manager you’re already familiar with, and under Available Packages, click Add Add-on Site and type:

I’ll update the images with official releases once official releases are out (And only if the CyanogenMod Team doesn’t provide emulator images themselves), but for the meantime, you can enjoy the emulator with some CyanogenMod 7 Goodies built in.

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12 comments on “Try CyanogenMod 7 on the Android Emulator
  1. Yelo_3 says:

    Simple question: is it possible to install the google-addons in this image?

  2. Definately glad to see this. I have a not so normal question though. Do you have any advice on porting CyanogenMod (6.x for me) to a new phone? No one has started a port to my lowly LG Optimus S and I know lots of people would like to see it.

    • Sorry I can’t help you there. I don’t know much about porting a new device, just compiling already ported devices.

      Your best bet would be to try to get in touch with the ‘lots of people’ that would like to see it, and start a fund, buy an Optimus S and hand it over to a CyanogenMod developer. They only support devices they own.

  3. Chris FR says:

    It works really well. As a developer, I like being able to run a different ROM in the emulator.

    However, I have a problem:
    ./adb devices
    List of devices attached

    Yup, no device is shown. Does this image come with a different identifier?

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