Thinking Out Loud: Linux App Shop

Apple’s Mac App Shop made about a million bucks in a single day, and it got me thinking… How would a Linux App Shop work?

The culture around this OS seems to be on Free (as in Freedom), and who would pay to use Gimp or Pidgin when they’re freely available in their sites? You wouldn’t have to.

Software would be downloaded and installed as easily as ever, using yum, apt-get, emerge or your distro’s favorite installation tool.
What I’d add is a donation button. Make it convenient and easy for users to give back, and they will.

And that got me thinking… What donation system would work best for this case? Paypal? Google Checkout? How about Flattr?

Flattr works in the following way: A user can set a defined quantity (Lets say 20 USD) per month. The user can click the “Flattr this” button on the apps he likes, and at the end of the month, his 20USD is divided by the number of developers he ‘flattered’.

Implementing Paypal and Google Checkout would also be welcome additions to the system, as many already have those accounts set up.

Donations would go towards the project, which hopefully means that the projects might get more developers, more features or just improved user interface features.

Alright, so with this said, it wouldn’t be much of an “App Shop” as it would be some sort of an “App Tip Jar“, but I still think it would work.
If you build it, they will come… Right?

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3 comments on “Thinking Out Loud: Linux App Shop
  1. Michael says:

    Well, this cause a few problem. Who get the money in a group ?

    • Whoever the Project’s Manager is. And the Project would split the money internally. Not all projects would require having a donation account, I’m guessing that would be setup in the spec file (For RPMs).

  2. bochecha says:

    IIRC Ubuntu 11.04 will have a « Donate » button in their Software Center.

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