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My FUDCon Experience (Days 0-1)

I’m a “blog early, blog often” kind of guy, but I was exhausted yesterday and couldn’t write anything. Better late than never, right? So, FUDCon Tempe. I could quote half of the “Still Alive” lyrics just describing it. It was

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Stop the Press!

LiveIRCing the #FUDCon conference. Thanks, Paulo Cereda!

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Penguins at the Disco

Penguins at the Disco My one regret is not betting One American Dollar. That is all.

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Spectral Souls Fix

Spectral Souls is a pretty awesome Android game. I’ve been meaning to write the review, but writing isn’t as fun as playing it. In short, it’s a Turn-Based Tactical RPG (And I’m a sucker for all things Tactics). The recent

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Packing up for FUDCon Tempe!

Its funny how long I’ve had WordPress for Android installed, this is the first time I’m actually using it. I’ll be assisting FUDCon Tempe, I’m still packing my bags and the plane leaves at 7am. I wanted to tease something

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Meet Lowen L10nhart

A couple of days ago I asked opinions on a Lion-droid design for a project I was working on, and it’s about time to unveil it. Meet Lowen L10nhart (Pronounced Lionheart). He’s the mascot for L10nhart, a project that’s been

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I am l10n. Hear me roar.

Update: I took down narro while I work out some bugs and quirks. It should be back online (And greatly improved) next week. Localization, more often known as “l10n” is a huge pain in the ass of any project. So

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Try CyanogenMod 7 on the Android Emulator

Update: I’ve updated the emulator image. The instructions are exactly the same, but you get newer goodies. Disclaimer: I am not allowed to call this image “CyanogenMod” and this does not represent the project’s quality. This is only a kang.

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Thinking Out Loud: Linux App Shop

Apple’s Mac App Shop made about a million bucks in a single day, and it got me thinking… How would a Linux App Shop work? The culture around this OS seems to be on Free (as in Freedom), and who

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